Fee structure in CA is as under:

Module A Fee
UCPE Registration Fee Rs.10,000
Paper A1 Functional English Rs.11,000
Paper A2 Quantitative Methods Rs.15,000
Total Rs.36,000
Module B Fee
Paper B3 Introduction to Economics and Finance Rs.12,000
Paper B4 Introduction to Financial Accounting Rs.12,000
Paper B5 Mercantile Law Rs.12,000
Total Rs.36,000
Module C Fee
Paper C6 Financial Accounting Rs.13,000
Paper C7 Taxation Rs.13,000
Paper C8 Business Communication and Behavioral Studies Rs.13,000
Total Rs.39,000
Module D Fee
Paper D9 Company Law Rs.14,000
Paper D10 Cost Accounting Rs.14,000
Paper D11 Auditing Rs.14,000
Paper D12 Information Technology * Rs.14,000
* Computer Practical Test of 40% Marks (Rs.5,000)
Total Rs.61,000
Module E Fee
Paper E13 Information Technology Management Audit and Control Rs.14,000
Paper E14 Advanced Accounting & Financial Reporting Rs.14,000
Paper E15 Corporate Laws Rs.14,000
Paper E16 Business Management Rs.14,000
Total Rs.56,000
Module F Fee
Paper F17 Management Accounting Rs.14,000
Paper F18 Business Finance Decision Rs.14,000
Paper F19 Advanced Taxation Rs.14,000
Paper F20 Advanced Auditing Rs.14,000
Total Rs.56,000