To Conduct Research & Development & Dissemination of Knowledge, viz. a viz. Teaching, Learning & Education via Certification Programs and Innovative Global Courses Development in Management Sciences, especially in Accounting & Finance, with a special focus on Islamic Finance Applied Research & Development through specifically aiming the following:

  • To explore and promote generally accepted KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, and Applications)
    within the industry and professional education sector.
  • To excavate financial & investing technical-revelation in emerging economies, markets and
    environment through applied research & development.
  • To enhance and develop the vision & current skill level of our individual and corporate clients
    for effective economic, financial, business and environment decision making.
  • To encourage corporate managers, analysts, researchers and educators around the globe
    to share knowledge and experience in the related industry.

To provide Consultancy & Consortium Services with a Non-Profit intention to national
and international concerns (including Corporate entities, Educational Institutions and Professional Bodies)
in the following:

  • Corporate Consultancy Services in respect of … Small Business Consulting, Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Analyze Your Business, Web Services, Lean Manufacturing, Legal Services, Corporate Services, Business & Market Research Surveys, Corporate Training, Event Management
  • Educational Institutions and Professional Bodies Consulting, e.g., New Startups, International Reciprocal Arrangements, Memorandum of understandings, International Students Evaluation and Credentials Assessment, and International/national collaborations
  • Students Consultancy with special reference to … Comprehensive portfolio of market leading professional qualifications and tailored training Programmes; Choice of flexible ways to study to suit changing lifestyles; Provide experienced tutors, assessors and support staff; Arrange dedicated support through every step of your studies; Increase pass rates  that consistently exceed national averages; Compile and Provide quality learning materials written by specialists who teach our courses; Provide evaluation services and assistance in seeking admissions in national and international institutions.
  • Academic Planning – To secure and sustain effective departmental strategic planning, Teaching and Learning of the subject and office bearers, monitor and evaluate the quality of functions & standards of achievements, and set targets for improvement.
  • Business & Commercial Planning – To ensure commercial viability and business continuity, designing and recommending Financial Planning & Modeling
  • Human Resource Planning – To lead, manage & train educators/members to be more productive in achieving profession’s vision & mission. To provide to all those with involvement in support services of the potential students especially corporate sector clients.
  • Efficient and Effective Deployment of Natural Resources – To identify and manage appropriate resources for the subject matter & ensure that they are used efficiently, effectively and safely. Quality and Transitional Planning to enhance the scope of services. Research & Development Governance – To promote deliverables’ quality for next generation, recommend and supervise dynamic researches within and outside.
  • Aid, Facilitate, Assist and Promote within communities Non-Profit Services – Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR; Education For All (EFA) UNCESCO; Community Services & Relief Cells; Other Non-Profit Project Execution; Legal  Assistance for Gender Justice; Free Education For Street Children; Social Justice Awareness
    Campaign; To persuade commercial and non-commercial concerns to get Involved with us to Contribute in Education-For-All and International Volunteer Teaching.

Integrating (through collaborations by providing exploratory, specific researches, global education,  financial training and certification opportunities) the Accounting, Auditing and Investigating via providing Forensic related information to concerned through aiming the following without profit on the basis of our team’s related experience in such fields:

  • Fraud detection:  Where employees commit Fraud, Where the employee indulges in fraudulent activities, where the employees are caught to have committed fraud our team will provide services to locate any assets created by them out of the funds defalcated, then try interrogating them and trying to find out the hidden truth.
  • Criminal Investigation:  Matters relating to financial implications the services of our team will be availed of. The report of the accountants is considered in preparing and presentation as evidence.
  • Outgoing Partner’s settlement:   If the outgoing partner is not happy about his settlement he can employ our team who will correctly assess his dues (assets) as well as his liabilities correctly.
  • Cases relating to professional negligence:  Our team will take up Professional negligence cases.
  • Non-conformation to Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAS) or noncompliance to auditing practices or ethical codes of any profession they are needed to measure the loss due to such professional negligence or shortage in services.
  • Arbitration service: Our team will render arbitration and mediation services for the business community, since they undergo special training in the area of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Facilitating settlement regarding motor vehicle accident:  As our team is well acquainted with intricacies of laws relating to motor vehicles, and other relevant laws in force, his services become indispensable in measuring economic loss when a vehicle meets with an accident.
  • Settlement of insurance claims: Insurance companies engage our experienced and professional team to have an accurate assessment of claims to be settled. Similarly, policyholders while seeking the help of an expert like us when they need to challenge the claim settlement as worked out by the insurance companies. A our professionals will handle the claims relating to consequential loss policy, property loss due to various risks, fidelity insurance and other types of insurance claims.
  • Dispute settlement: Business firms will engage our corporate experts to handle contract disputes, construction claims, product liability claims, and infringement of patent and trademarks cases, liability arising from breach of contracts and so on.
  • Matrimonial dispute cases: We will also entertain cases pertaining to matrimonial disputes wherein their role is merely confined to tracing, locating and evaluating any form of asset involved.