We, Management Business Training (MBT) Consortium, deal with educational institutions’ Commercial Strategy Development and Marketing Plan Execution assistance at local and international levels.  We also deal with study options in Pakistan for Local & International students as well as for International institutions seeking collaborations at their targeted location. We are pioneer in Pakistan in this field from last 7 years and liaison offices / representatives in UK, UAE, KSA, and Asia Pacific.

We work meticulously with local and international professional bodies, universities, colleges, students and parents in designing / deciding the curriculum that leads to a successful career path and/or an ultimate success for all stakeholders.

Pakistan Education Industry is a highly competitive marketplace with diversified curricula and learned scholars. Knowing about the course, college, place, charges involved and procedure for admission is not an easy decision.

We recently have extended our business for those educational institutions and professional bodies that need Education Firms / consultant / Freelancer / Individuals to support them to get Students / Admissions from their region and abroad.

In Pakistan, we are in the execution stage to assist Pakistani institutions to uplift their ranking in the line of Higher Education Commission’s set criteria and universities evaluation process.

In view of above, we are interested to establish a professional relationship with national & international colleges, universities, and professional bodies on long-term basis.  Initially we have established an operational setup to deliver the following services and assistance to our business partners:

A. International Strategy Development
1.   Int’l. Collaboration
2.   Int’l. Accreditation
3.   Int’l. Research
4.   Int’l. Courses
5.   Int’l. Students Recruitment
6.   Int’l. Funding
7.   Int’l. Students Union
8.   Int’l. Alumni Databank
9.   Int’l. Blogs
10. Int’l. Conferences
11. Int’l. Publication
12. Int’l. Presence:

  • Campuses
  • Representatives
  • Study Centers
  • Alumni Services
B. Innovative Courses Development
C. Absolute and Comparative Advantage Strategy
D. Revenue Generation Strategies.
E. Global Open University / Distance Learning
F. HEC Ranking-Point-System Strategy
G. HEC Ranking-Point-System Strategy
H. Admission Seats Allocation Strategy
I. Legal Services Department
J.  Corporate and FacultyTraining Services
Printing and Publishing Services for Newsletters, Journals, Research Papers.