Now more than ever there is a critical need to grow and develop the next generation of leaders. Within the next five to 10 years, 50% of the CEOs in major organizations will retire. By comparison, the replacement pool for picking the next generation of leaders is incredibly small.

MBT Consortium provides customized leadership development programs coupled with organizational team-building and talent management strategies. As a result of this comprehensive approach, younger generations will gain valuable leadership skills and productive teams and boards of directors that celebrate collaboration and inspire leadership will be established. Build a bench of  leaders and benefit from improved productivity, retention, and engagement.

MBT Consortium is dedicated to give everyone a chance to succeed in their education journey.

With over fifteen years of success in higher education, leadership and mentoring, MBT-Consortium brings the knowledge to give insight on solid programming.

Everyone can be a success and every team can reach a goal. Our approach is hands on as well as researched based. We know what works and will bring that information to your organization with solid plans and support.