Learning Providers

Our Teaching Philosophy

MBT-Consortium as an institution has an approachable and responsive attitude accompanied with innovative courses and highly regarded lecture techniques. Our mission is to provide quality education and support ensuring that students not only enjoy their studies and pass their exams first time round but also find their most appropriate path to career success.

The Learning System

MBT-Consortium extends this service to recognize professionals with the commitment and dedication to plan their personal training and development in such a way as to achieve certification. There are three major categories of courses offered to those  who, in their respective fields:

  • Have attended one of the “Academic, Professional or Technical/Vocational Certification” programs listed below, and
  • Have successfully passed, upon completion of the program, the assessment test administered at the end of the program, and
  • Have successfully completed the project assigned to them by the Program Leader within the time frame agreed.

MBT-Consortium will attest that you have met the professional standards that the concerned “Academic, Professional or Technical/Vocational” body has developed and launched. You will receive, in addition to the Attendance Certificate, a special  Certificate that will attest your credentials as a Certified Professional in the respective Academic, Professional or Technical/Vocational field.

Special Features

  • Tests will be administered at the completion of each Professional Certification Program (100% Pass Rate upon taking one of our Financial Training, Coaching or mentoring service).
  • Exam results will not be disclosed as standard prevailing privacy policy.
  • Projects will be assigned by the Program Leader who will agree to the subject you choose and set the standards, including time frames, expected for completion.
  • The certification program you will attend with MBT-Consortium will earn you, in addition to your entitlement to Attendance Certificate, the CPE Credits that we have organized through accredited professional bodies.

Our Expertise:

  • Excellent pass rate
  • A pass assurance scheme
  • Material is updated after each exam sitting
  • Tutor and mentor support
  • Flexibility and variety of courses
  • State-of-the-art teaching facilities
  • Specialist library and out of hours study
  • Value for money fee packages

We believe that we are only as good as the education we provide and therefore, we have sourced and secured some of the best and most experienced lecturers in the industry. Each and every tutor has an excellent track record and is renowned in the industry and educational arena for their lecturing abilities and expertise in their field.

MBT-Consortium has an extensive experience in providing students with professional and post graduate academic qualifications. Furthermore, we enable students to gain a qualification under the instruction of top tutors immaterial of the study mode they  choose. Students have the opportunity to study on campus (full time or part time), online or via blended learning.

Lastly, MBT-Consortium has formed a dynamic and beneficial relationship with the local and international Academic, Professional and Vocational/Technical bodies. These organizations are renowned for their excellence in the industry.