Everyone knows that The Global Financial Bubble originated in the most advanced economy and hit at the very core of the global financial system in 2008. After the Global Financial Crises of 2008, it is being experienced that history is about to repeat itself in  2011. It is the period of heightened uncertainty for the global economics because there are so many things are going wrong on financial markets and government policy sides while understanding and tackling the high levels of debt and recession.

We must have to learn that what caused in 2008 that the well-equipped Financial Engineering produced MBS (Mortgage-Backed-Securities) and CDO (Collateralized-Debt-Obligations) like financial bubbles. Seeking to allay fears in the wake of the economic crisis 2011, emerging economies and markets’ fundamentals will have to be strong enough to meet the challenge of Economic crisis 2011.

We will have to equip ourselves to counter the occurrence of Financial Bubbles, Real Estate Bubbles, Derivative Bubbles, and Economic or Financial crises. MBT-Consortium through it winning ideas in effective consulting and various financial trainings opportunities equips the Corporate Management, Financial Managers, Financial Analysts, working executives, and the concerned by offering a distinguished Internationally accreditedProgram. After completing the MBT-Consortium’s Financial Trainings, Certification Programs and/or Advisory Services, you can analyze financial & economic situations with your enhanced & developed vision to advice and helping others to maintain success at respective workplace.