Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Besides helping to build Transparent Pakistan through our Forensic Audit & Training, we are aiding financially and operationally the several segment of our society to alleviate poverty and to deliver gender/social justice related awareness from gross root level.

Our focus is CSR (SECP), EFA (UNESCO), UN-Global Compact, and Social Justice. MBT-Consortium is contributing positively under the following heads:

Our Non-Profit Services:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR
  • Education For All (EFA) UNCESCO
  • Community Services & Relief Cells

Our Ongoing Non-Profit Projects:

  • Legal Assistance for Gender Justice
  • Free Education For Street Children
  • Social Justice Awareness Campaign

Get Involved With Us:

  • Contribute in Education-For-All
  • International Volunteer Teaching
  • Online “Show-Your-Interest-Form”
  • Or Click “Be Our Partner” Tab at Main Menu